The Tabor Life Institute for education and formation in the Theology of the Body functions out of Annunication parish. The Insitute organizes seminars, retreats, teacher training and supplies materials in this life-altering teaching. This teaching presents the entire world of human sexuality and relationships through the Sacramental Liturgical worldview as delivered by Pope John Paul II's "theology of the body. To find out more about The Tabor Life Institute go to www.taborlife.org.

To arrange study sessions, conferences, retreats or for information about resources call: (708) 645-0762 or email: taborlife@earthlink.net

Fr. Thomas J. Loya applies the principles of the theology of the body to the hot button issues of our day on his program,
"A Body of Truth" www.catholicradiointernational.com and also on the second Satruday of each month at the Daughters of St. Paul bookstore in Chicago, IL from 10:30AM-Noon (CST). These sessions can also be attended through online streaming. Go to www.daughtersofstpaul.org.

Fr. Thomas J. Loya writes a monthly column dealing with the hot button issues of our day in the HOMER HORIZON newspaper and also a bi-weekly column in the HORIZONS newspaper of the Eparchy of Parma.

Open House

Annunciation parish is open all day everyday for prayer and visitation. In Byzantine Catholic Churches the Blessed Sacrament rests in a tabernacle which sits on the Altar of Sacrifice located in the sanctuary of the Church. Visitors are welcome in the nave of the Church but access to the sanctuary (Holy of Holies) is forbidden.

Annunciation parish offers tours and lectures about the liturgy, iconography and spirituality of the Byzantine Catholic Church. These sessions are ideal for Confirmation classes, senior citizen groups, religion students and youth groups. On Holy Thursday evening Annunciation church is open as a station church to accommodate the tradition of the seven church tour.

To arrange a tour for your group call: (708) 645-0241

"Light of the East Radio"

Click on to the radio page of this website and select any one of our archived programs. "Light of the East" can be heard on various radio stations in the United States including EWTN affiliates, Ave Maria Radio, The Guadalupe Radio Network, and on www.catholicradiointernational.com. "Light of the East" is also available on Pod cast. .

Pray with us for peace in the world

Every Thursday evening at 7:00PM. (except during Lent) the Divine Liturgy is offered for the intention of world peace.



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A comprehensive plan of outreach to our neighbors and surrounding communities. Annunciation parish is also a part of the EVANGELIZATION MOVEMENT in the Byzantine Catholic Church in America.


Annunciation parish is one of the founders of a growing broad band broadcasting effort for information on the Eastern Catholic Churches.


Annunciation parish is also one of the founders of this source for streaming video of Orientale Lumen Television programs. Eastern worship services and presentations can be viewed on this site.


Both the interior and the exterior ceiling and walls of Annunciation church are in the process of being adorned by the rich, traditional, iconography art form of the Byzantine Catholic Church. This project is supported by generous donations from parishioners, friends and benefactors of Annunciation parish.

Icons made from the murals in Annunciaiton Church can be purchased at Morning Star Books and Gifts in downtown Lombard, IL; 28 West St. Charles Rd. 60148. (630) 629-1720.

email: mrngstr@att.net website: www.mrngstr.com

These icon reproductions can also be ordered through Nelson Fine Art and Gifts: www.nelsongifts.com


In the same sense as our iconography, our sprawling, ten acre grounds communicates our spirituality. The continued development of our landscaping by means of a master plan for water management and sustainable environmnet will include shrines and prayer paths with an emphasis on indigenous vegetation. The native wildlife of our region finds our property to be very accommodating.

Liturgical Music

Annunciation parish has has a mixed voice choir and a male choir. These choirs together with five parish cantors share the responsibility of leading the Divine praises at all Liturgical services. For cantor training or to join the choirs call:

(708) 645-0241. Choir rehearsals are held on Sundays at Noon following the Divine Liturgy. The "Theosis" CD of Byzantine liturgical music produced by the Annunciation parish choirs is now available by calling:

(708)-645-0241 or by emailing us at this web site.


Eastern Christian Formation Classes
• Pre-School through grade School – October to May

Sunday 8:45 A.M.

• Adult Enrichment Classes – Six-week sessions during the Fall season. For schedule and information call:

(708) 645-0241

"Light of the East Radio"--Visit the Radio page of this website and click on to whichever program you want to hear. Our radio program presents the gifts of the Eastern Catholic Churches.


Annunciation of the Mother of God Byzantine Catholic Parish
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